Today, we’re pleased to announce the UDHC, an initiative to bring DeFi to the mainstream. The UDHC will fund and guide projects that build on top of established DeFi ecosystems to achieve this goal. We believe in the amalgamation of Traditional and Decentralized Finance, where they will blend into a new, better, and more open definition of “Finance.”

Operated by former Maker Foundation employees and led by Steven Becker (Former President & COO of the Foundation), our experience allows the UDHC to guide and ensure projects build on a compliant arc of decentralization.

Let’s dive in:

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Currently, there’s a significant group of people who feel DeFi will overthrow TradFi, and we’ll never see banks again. At UDHC, we envision a world where it’s not TradFi versus DeFi, but the two evolve into a new and more open Finance. By making DeFi an extension -- not a replacement -- of TradFi, finance becomes as accessible as email or the internet, opening doors to new participants the world over.

We created the UDHC to work with stakeholders and early-stage companies to build critical infrastructure. We believe that for the bridging of TradFi and DeFi to be successful, most of the ecosystem will utilize established protocols, like MakerDAO. This ecosystem will be the rising tide that grows the “new Finance.”

The projects we’re supporting and looking for are liquidity providers, data layers, infrastructure, and more, all focusing on advancing the ecosystem. In doing so, we will draw upon our teams’ experience with the Maker Foundation to provide them with guidance on growth, regulation, and optimal decentralization.

Applying DeFi to the Real World

MakerDAO is one of the few, if only, DeFi projects to achieve complete decentralization successfully. With the UDHC made up of former Maker Foundation employees, the experience of going through community building, structuring, and regulatory hurdles was invaluable and provided the necessary tools to pass on to others.

In other words, many are busy working to define what DeFi is, but we at the UDHC helped create it, we understand it and are now applying it. As a result, we took to uncharted waters and created shipping lanes.

Projects need to be in a regulatory compliant environment before traditional institutions, banks, or governments can integrate them, and the UDHC provides the guidance necessary to do so.

But it’s not just the DeFi projects we’re assisting. We have ongoing relationships with policymakers, government officials, advocacy groups, and more. So they can make well-informed crypto space decisions by acting as a resource for them and providing our unique POV.

A Growing Portfolio

While the public announcement is today, the team has been heads down managing the portfolio for some time already.

The UDHC currently supports various projects, ranging from Maker ecosystem builders like RWA Co, Element Finance, Oasis Pro Incorporated (OPI), Oazo (, Token Flow, and Sense Finance, to broader projects like StableNode, Tokemak, and Jet Protocol.
If you’re building on MakerDAO or creating a project in the DeFi space, we want to hear from you: or @UDHCFinance.

All Eyes on the Future

The rise of DeFi has been a boon for crypto and can bring hundreds of millions of people into a global economy. Combined with Traditional Finance, we’re looking at a tectonic shift to the world of finance for good. Through the experience with the Maker Foundation and helping MakerDAO reach complete decentralization, the team at the UDHC is focused on building that world and investing in the early-stage projects that can bring it to life.

We’ll have more coming soon. Stay tuned. GM & WAGMI.

The UDHC Team