Oasis Pro

The UDHC is excited to lead this oversubscribed round with other great TradFi and DeFi teams

As institutional interest in the cryptocurrency industry grows, it’s critical that bridges exist to onboard them in a safe, compliant manner.

Stablecoins are becoming more mainstream; Mastercard and VISA are accepting USDC as payment and JPMorgan’s JPM Coin for its global payments network.  The emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is a sign that the major economic powers recognize the utility of digital currency.

Oasis Pro Markets (“OPM”) is the first Alternative Trading System (ATS) to be registered as a regulated platform for trading digital securities for digital cash.  Using stablecoins as digital cash enables transactions to take place onchain. Trades settle almost instantaneously as each subscriber has a pre-verified, digital ability to complete a trade. Subscribers of OPM are also approved for registered and exempt transactions, including transactions involving equity and debt securities, OTC securities, IPOs, and mutual fund securities. OPM’s customer base includes institutional and accredited investors, and they trade with other broker-dealers.

We believe that OPM is positioned at the forefront of digital securities innovation by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology to expedite the transfer and settlement of assets. Beyond that, the team’s product suite is ripe for real estate-related products, including REITs and RMBS securities.

OPM’s proprietary technology provides a sleek, user-friendly experience for issuers and investors and OATSPRO offers efficient KYC/AML onboarding of digital securities for issuers, streamlined onboarding for investors, and liquidity for private and public OTC market digital securities.

We’re excited about the possibilities OPM provides to bridge institutional investors to DeFi using their regulatorily-compliant products.

The UDHC invests in projects that expand the DeFi ecosystem and fuel the transformation of traditional financial markets towards a regulatorily-compliant, decentralized, and efficient marketplace. As the lead investor for this Series A round, we have confidence in OPM and CEO Pat LaVecchia, who has built a best-in-class ATS platform with a deeply experienced team.

The UDHC is excited to lead this oversubscribed round with other great TradFi and DeFi teams like Blizzard/Avalanche, Redwood Trust, Inveniam, Mirae Ventures, Gate Ventures, TrustLabs and Ledger Prime.