Getting the full picture, a 100% data panorama

Achieving 80% of a goal or standard is not considered sufficient when striving for 100% is necessary.

A surgeon wouldn’t remove just 80% of a malignant tumor. Aerospace wouldn’t be feasible with just 80% quality control of critical components. 80% effort in the Olympics will likely never receive the gold. So why should vital decisions around blockchain regulation, which could affect trillions of dollars, be made with only 80% of the data available? Especially when the other 20% is there if they want it. The dynamic landscape of blockchain and digital assets demands continuously evolving data management and analysis strategies. As such, a transformative approach is now available in this realm – a methodology focused on storage and state differences that transcends conventional practices using Events and Calls.

Limitations of Relying on Developers for Data

Developer-driven Events need to encapsulate the totality of data flowing from smart contracts. Storage and state diffs, on the other hand, operate independently, revealing a complete and transparent picture. This distinction gains prominence as we observe increasingly complex data availability layers, account abstractions, and multi-chain structures.

With developers strategically optimizing gas expenditures by reducing event logging, dependence on Events/Calls alone yields fragmented information. Storage and state diffs provide comprehensive records, ensuring data wholeness despite these technical shifts.

Instead of a fraction of a picture, the entire panoramic view can be provided.

Showcasing the Power of the Semantic Layer

However, it’s not just extracting raw data but the need for meticulous transformation of that data into valuable, actionable intelligence. The crafted semantic layer is a powerful lens, enabling regulators and reg-tech companies to make informed decisions, gain a deeper contextual understanding, and swiftly pinpoint potential red flags. This empowers them to proactively address risks and ensure the stability and integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

In a world reliant on granular detail, storage, and state differences shine, particularly for entities like financial institutions and regulators. Here, in-depth analysis empowers informed decision-making that navigates the ecosystem's intricacies. Events and calls may offer limited information, but when provided a complete view, institutional users are empowered to refine their offerings.


With the above in mind, we believe Token Flow embodies a bold step forward in blockchain data analysis. By prioritizing transparency and data integrity, users achieve heightened clarity, fuel confident decision-making, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the digital assets landscape.